Available Blind Locations

2020/2021 Season

Any blind listed here was not licensed to another last year.

The award of all blind licenses is not final until all appeals have been finally determined.


Blind #


 Latitude  Longitude


 500 yds NW Mary’s Island N36o23.112 W075o52.105
 190 Morgans Flat N36o20.117 W075o51.611
 239 Baum BLind:Beckley Shoal 500 yds S. of Ms. Ads creek N36o25.185 W075o50.945
251 500 Yds. W. Joe Lewark:500 yds north V.Aydlett Jr. N36o27.212 W075o54.929
256 550 yds. NNW of long pt. N36o18.480 W075o51.428
310 500 yds. S. Marys Island N36o22.924 W075o51.744
344 950 yds. wnw Swan Island, edge of Crow Island slew 530 yds Flannagan blind N36o28.047 W075o54.725
392 N Corney Island N36o26.125 W075o53.763