Available Blind Locations

2019/2020 Season

Any blind listed here was not licensed to another last year.


Blind #


 Latitude  Longitude


 179  500 Yds NW of Thorough fare Is. on Morgans Flats N36o20.04 W075o51.18
 226  SE of old pierhead, southend of KI  N36o28.35 W075o54.968
 272  Aprox.500 YdsNW Bears beacon, on Bearhead shoal  N36o17.839  W075o51.567
 290 appox.800 NNW of Hog Island N36o20.764  W075o50.143
 304  SE tip of Tolar Rock Shoal N36o08.391  W075o48.091
 328  500 yds NNE of little hog Island N36o20.794 W075o49.651
329 Mid Brant island shoal, SW Currituck lighthouse   N36o20.273  W075o50.762
 370  Aprox. 700 yds NNW Big Blubber island on middle ground shoal  N36o30.173 W075o53.618
 451  500 Yds SW of Chaplain Bluff, 150 yds W. if Broadneck shoreline N35o07.487 W075o51.975
 452  500 Yds NNW Monkeys island N36o24.506 W075o52.50