Available Blind Locations

The Clerk will be at the Currituck County Courthouse  Courtroom C between 11:00am to 3:00 pm

on July 25, July 30 and Aug 1 2022

2022/2023 Season

At the 11 August 2022 meeting these applicants were awarded the following blinds

Blind #86 FLOAT Awarded to Chase Mclaughlin

Blind #101 Awarded to Robert Neal Jr.

Blind #114 Terry Overton

Blind #151 Gary Lewis

Blind #251 Brandon Rabb

Blind #306 David Summerlin

Blind #414 Brad Mcvaugh

Blind #449 Thomas Wobig

The award of all blind licenses is not final until all appeals have been settled

Blind #


 Latitude  Longitude


  Pearl mcoy blind, 500 yds w. JJ Flanagan N36028.572 W075o55.968
 114 N. end of Coinjock Bay N36o25.557 W075o59.852
 151 550yds NW yds. mouth of Oyster crk N36o19     W075o51.432       
251 500 yds N Vance Aydlett  N36o18.070 W075o51.688
306  500 yds E. of S. point of sedge Island N36o24.730 W075o53.509
414 1000 yds W. of Shoehole bay  N36o13.6326 W075o49.253
449 w. side of sedge island shoal N36o24.628 W075o54.206`